What Is Miracle of Meditation?

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Come with me on this beautiful, blissful journey.

I’ve been a busy little bee, buzzing around in the background, working away on this incredible offering: Miracle of Meditation.

Starting my journey, I wished there was someone out there who would have supported me and guided me. I had so many questions, such as “how do I switch my mind off” and “how do I know if I’m even doing this correctly” and many, many more. Apps and the internet weren’t given me the answers that I needed. They were so broad and not specific to me.

Through the Miracle of Meditation, I will take you on a 4-week journey, where together we will cover everything from how to set up your sacred space, to how to cleanse yourself and what to use…I’ll even give you a shopping list.

We will have a Zoom session each week for 1-hour where we will cover the fundamentals of mediation, what it can do for you (it’s seriously changed my life) and any questions you may have. We will meditate together and have a share afterwards.

I will provide content and material to take away each week to enhance your practice.

In our final session, we will sit with the medicine of Cacao. Don’t worry, I’ll provide you with everything you need for this.

If you’re feeling called to this amazing offering email bookings@sistersofthecosmos.com.

All payments are via PayPal, and a confirmation email will be sent.