Our Terms & Conditions contain essential information about how we operate, payment fees, appointment structure, cancellation policies and more

Last Updated: 25th January 2022


The purpose of Sisters of the Cosmos – including this website – is to describe our products and services. Information may include (but not limited to) gen­eral infor­ma­tion, resources, dis­cus­sion, and share experiences. Subjects may consist of (and again, not limited to) health, mental health, beauty, food and nutrition, fitness, the environment and related sub­jects.The words, imagery and other con­tent pro­vided within Sisters of the Cosmos’ digital ecosystem such as this website, social media platforms – Instagram, for example, and any other linked mate­ri­als, are not intended as med­ical advice.

If you have a med­ical or mental health con­cern, please con­sult with your GP or a professional health-care physi­cian.


Sisters of the Cosmos is currently open to all clients, including in-person (in our space and home visit appointments) or via Zoom, strictly following the recommended COVID-19 guidelines.

As a reminder, if you show any of the signs of COVID-19 infection, you must self-isolate for 10 days; if any of your household shows symptoms, you must also self-isolate for 10 days. If you have a temperature, a continuous cough, recently lost your sense of taste and smell, had a PCR test and are awaiting the results, please reschedule your appointment.

Our COVID-19 protocol:

  • On arrival to our space, if you are mask exempt, please advise us when making your booking, and we will try and accommodate you at the end of the day to reduce any risk to our vulnerable patients. Should you attend with no face mask without prior arrangement, one will be provided for you.
  • Hand hygiene is essential to reduce the transmission of infection in health and other care settings and is a critical element of standard infection control precautions. All patients will decontaminate their hands with an alcohol-based hand rub when entering and leaving our space. Practitioners will also adhere to strict handwashing protocol.
  • All surfaces and door handles will be cleaned with antibacterial and viricidal wipes between clients.
  • Where we can, we will wear protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and protective glasses.


  • We recommend you arrive 10 minutes before your session starts.
  • At all times, please be respectful of other individuals and their space.
  • Please keep your body and feet clean when entering the space and avoid wearing heavy perfumes.
  • All shoes should be left when entering. No shoes to be worn in the space.
  • We would suggest wearing light, comfortable clothing to your sessions that you feel comfortable in and easy to move in.
  • Please don’t take phones, smartwatches or anything that can interrupt or disturb the class environment.


  • We warrant that we will use reasonable care and skill in our performance of the ‘Offerings’ (services), which will comply with the quotation, including specification in all material respects. We can make any changes to the services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirements, and we will only notify you if this is necessary.
  • We will use our reasonable endeavours to complete the performance of the services within the time agreed or as set out on our website; however, time shall not be of the essence in the performance of our obligations.
  • All of these Terms and Conditions apply to the supply of any goods as well as services unless we specify otherwise.


  • Appointment bookings can be made by telephone, email request, online, or in person.
  • Appointments are made at convenient times for both parties, that is, Sisters of the Cosmos and you, however, on the occasion service may offer to see you at an earlier or later appointment time to the originally stated time to allow for better use of the time slots available.
  • Treatment and service fees vary and are dependent on the description and length of time of the appointment. Home visits fees may be higher to cover travel and time costs.
  • There is zero tolerance to abuse to our practitioners, where this is the case, Sisters of the Cosmos reserves the right to withdraw treatment, without notice.


  • Fees are payable for all treatment received. This can be paid for by cash (GBP/sterling/£), debit card, credit card or PayPal.
  • The fees for our services are set on the website under Offerings.
  • Time of payment of provision of services shall be of the essence of the contract made between us.
  • Fees will be charged for additional services provided by us that are not specified at the outset but are important to delivering the service to you and will be agreed upon by you and us at the time of the performance.
  • If you do not pay the fees to us accordingly, we can either withhold provision of services until the full payment is made.
  • Invoices can be issued on request for all treatments.
  • Receipts for payments will only be issued at your request.

Cancellations and Amendments

  • A minimum of 24 hours must be given to cancel the one-to-one treatments; otherwise, 100% of the Service fee will be charged.
  • A minimum of 48 hours must be given to cancel the group treatments, i.e. ceremonies; otherwise, 100% of the service fee will be charged.
  • Sisters of the Cosmos does not charge any late fees, however, if you arrive late for an appointment, no time will be given back, nor will a pro-rata amount be offered.
  • If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice due to circumstances beyond your control, we will use reasonable endeavours to make any required changes.
  • If you miss or fail to attend your follow-up appointment(s), payment will be required from you in full.
  • Treatment may be denied to you until the cost of the failed appointment is made.
  • If the fee for treatment costs is not paid within a month, Sisters of the Cosmos reserves the right to refer your debts to a debt collection service for payment collection.
  • If you fail to attend appointments habitually, Sisters of the Cosmos reserves the right to ask you to pre-pay for appointments and deny treatment if you refuse to settle payment for any treatment beforehand.
  • Sisters of the Cosmos reserves the right to cancel appointments at short notice in the circumstances beyond our control such as practitioner ill health, hospitalisation, accidents, acts of God, e.g. extreme weather conditions; and we have to make any change in the services, or how they are provided, we will inform you immediately or as soon as reasonably possible. We will use reasonable endeavour to keep any such changes to a minimum.

Limitations of Liability

  • Sisters of the Cosmos or any practitioners shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of property, including bikes outside of the space.
  • All vehicles left outside of the space are done so at your own risk, and we can not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of property.
  • Sisters of the Cosmos can not be held responsible if classes, practitioners or equipment are not available or for any changes to the timetable or individual treatment at short notice.
  • Sisters of the Cosmos can not be held responsible for any injuries or illness that happens on the premises or due to our facilities or services provided.