Cacao Ceremonial Grade – Serpent



Believe me when I say this; it has taken me nearly six months of trying many varieties of Cacao to find the perfect range that I am proud to use in all my ceremonies.

The Serpent blend is from a farm in Venezuela, with local farmers carefully selecting the beans. There is no middle man, so the Cacao comes straight from the farm to me, which means there has been little to no process, so all the goodness is retained. 

The medicine of Cacao is full of benefits. It has more antioxidants than blueberries. It releases happy hormones, opens your heart, and releases any conditions or limitations preventing you from being the highest version of yourself. 

As Serpent is our strongest blend, I recommend it for anyone who has already started their relationship with this beautiful medicine. 

Please note that the price is for an x1 450g bag, approximately 15 sessions. Colours may differ as it’s dependent on the oxidation process.

Cacao Ceremonial Grade – Serpent