Aura Spray



The talented Tracey Winterbourne blends these. Her beautiful handmade Aura Sprays are designed to treat your mind, body and spirit. These powerful holistic sprays are infused with hand-picked flower essence, crystals, and pure organic aromatherapy.

There are many factors to take into consideration when making any bespoke aromatherapy, but Tracey has got it right. In fact, she worked so hard of developed the most balanced range that they are perfect for your entire family, including children.

  • Love: For self-love and self-nurturing, infused with Rahanni Celestial healing.
  • Protect: To give support, empower and strength, blessed with quantum energy and palo santo.
  • Cleanse: Moves all negativity and gently balances, blessed with reiki energy and sage.


Please note that the price is for an x1 100ml bottle.